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Giving hard-hit local tour operators a leg up

Sometimes, the best ideas arrive over a bottle of wine shared with friends – as is the case for Tourism For Good, a collaboration between five local companies.

Each of them contributes to the tourism space in their own way – Actxplorer in an impact tourism platform; LDR Technology specialises in digital technologies; Mastereign Enrichment Group and Training Vision Institutes are professional development companies; while Kairos Project brings its expertise in leadership and sustainability.

Mr Peter Tay, project coordinator for Tourism For Good, shares: “This collective initiative was launched in March to help move the sector along and provide employment for those in the industry through sponsored tours for marginalised groups here.”

Over that bottle of wine, the leaders behind Tourism For Good formulated a plan to encourage Singapores to donate their SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to charities. These donations will help fund local tours led by Singapore Tourism Board-certified guides for beneficiaries ranging from at-risk youths to migrant workers.

The long-term goal, adds Mr Tay, is to use the project to springboard into the region with a business model that will be based on impact tourism and digital technology.

“We believe that as stewards of business, we should not focus only on making profits, but also understand the impact we have in society.

“By sharing our expertise, we hope to give back to the regional communities and advance the industry by encouraging the incorporation of digital technologies, such as augmented reality, into specialist tours. This would, in turn, help upskill the workforce and enable tour operators to become more agile in a post-pandemic world.”

Tourism For Good has since worked with Lakeside Family services, its first beneficiart , to organise tours to Gardens By The Bay and a River Cruise Trail for disadvantaged children and troubled youths.

“If you are not planning to use your voucher, consider donating it to the less fortunate. We hope more of our fellow Singaporeans will share their blessings this National Day through Company of Good’s Collaborate for Good platform,” says Mr Tay.


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