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About Us

Helping our community to build our economy

Doing Good Through Tourism

Tourism is uniquely positioned to address the twin challenges of climate change and increasing worldwide poverty. Advancing the business of tourism as means towards creating social good for poor communities is greatly needed. Eco-tourism is also a crucial tool to raise awareness in the world that is facing a climate crisis.

Tourism for Good is developing a new business model based on the digital, business and social transformation of the tourism industry to benefit marginalized and needy communities in Singapore and the region.

You Can Donate and Help

Our Aim

  • Bring delight to tour participants and foster a sense of connection between the tour participants to places and with communities.
  • Save jobs and provide opportunities in a tourism industry that is recovering from the devastation caused by Covid-19.
  • Provides a means to bring opportunities to poor and needy communities in the developing world.
  • Bring awareness to the plight of the poor and the needy, and the need for conservation in many parts of the world today.

Leveraging On Strengths & Capabilities

Our Strategy

  • Collaboration with social services and business community
  • Technology Focussed

Let’s do something good, together.

Tourism For Good is a social initiative and collective effort by five Singapore companies to stimulate the tourism sector and provide employment for those in the industry through sponsored tours for marginalised groups.

Our purpose is to create moments of shared blessings during these trying times by matching unused SingaporeRediscover Vouchers to beneficiaries ranging from at-risk youths to migrant workers

Melvyn Mark

Co-Founder Actxplorer. Actxplorer’s mission is to create opportunities for travellers to engage in unique and fun interactions, as well as contribute to projects that benefit the local communities.

Png Bee Hin

CEO of LDR Technology. Based in Singapore, LDR is a leading, award-winning mobile technology and eLearning solution company.

John Life Lee

Director of Mastereign Enrichment Group. Mastereign is Singapore’s leading professional development & enrichment company.

David Kwee

Founder & CEO of Director Training Vision Institute. TVI is a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore.

Timothy Goh KA

Founder & Director of Kairos Project Ventures which focuses on catalyzing clean energy and poverty alleviation businesses for good. Timothy is also lawyer with BlackOak LLC.